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Wild Stallion Dance Ranch


193c Plumstead Road

T: (01603) 435666
T: (01603) 449966

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Comments and Reviews

As long time pro musicians, we play in some clubs where it's basically a chore, and hard work to get much enjoyment. Those club promoters should visit the Wild Stallion, and learn how to run a club properly. This is without doubt one of our absolute favourite venues to play. Clean, proper dressing room, teas & coffees, terrific dance floor & lovely people in front & behind the scenes.
A pleasure to play every time..............Dave & Ed (The Thrillbillies). x

The Thrillbillies

"I'd like to say I personally think that the club is great. Country through and through, and that's just how I like it. Friendly people with a great sense of humour. Always a pleasure to play at the club and 1 of the best New Years I had. xxx" Peter Stothard, Texas Tornados
Texas Tornados

We just love playing at the Wild Stallion. Everyone makes us so welcome and it would seem people go there to have fun and it shows on their faces.  Sandra is a wonderful hostess, the dance floor is big enough to cater for all styles of dancing this helps to create a great atmosphere in the club.  I know the likes of Heather Myles and Billy Yates have played there, I also know they enjoyed their visit.  We wish Sandra and everyone who attends the Wild Stallion in Norwich all the very best and may your club continue to attract all the lovely people it attracts now for many years to come.  Very best wishes xxx Tony & Angie, Speed Limit
  Speed Limit

Wild Stallion has always been a favourite of mine, its friendly, totally up to date, great venue & floor, we always feel welcome & we always look forward to coming back!! Nikky (Calico) Nikky Napier

I would like to say that all I hear is about line dancing clubs and non line dance clubs always fighting. The Wild stallion has proved that all can live in harmony, a perfect country music club, the most important thing KEEP IT COUNTRY, because its about country music that we all love.  Ian Highland
  Ian Highland

Wild Stallion is a fantastic authentic venue that I love performing at! Sandra does a wonderful job running this club and she has great dedicated dancers who support her - I look forward to the next time I'm there! x  Natalie (Thurlow)

Good crowd - nice friendly people & plenty of dancing.   Boney Fingers    

The Stallion is one of our favourite clubs. The people are friendly, the stage is well positioned and the dance floor is great. Nadine & Rob, Lass Vegas
  Lass Vegas

The Stallion is one of the best purpose built clubs we play in. It is a really friendly club and the dancers will dance to everything we play. We love coming here.  Nashville Sounds
  Nashville Sounds

Both enjoyed the first time here. Lovely atmosphere, great floor, Thanks for an easy night, would be happy to come back. Rancher

First time we have performed at this club - friendly crowd, good atmosphere, - please have us again!   Kay'D & Redneck Rodeo
  Redneck Rodeo

We have had a fantastic evening!  You are a very friendly crowd and we hope you have had as much fun as we have!  Texas Back
  Texas Back

We love coming here, The Stallion is one of our favourite venues. The standard of dancing is excellent and there is a nice atmosphere.  C'est La Vie
  C'est La Vie

This is one of our favourite venues & we just love coming here! Sandra is a lovely lady. Muddy Boots
  Muddy Boots